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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All personal information collected by Leeds Kitchen Fitter website is protected by the Privacy act

Any personal information collected by this website will be kept strictly confidential.

Any personal information collected will NOT be sold, loaned or otherwise provided/disclosed to a third party, expect where express written permission is obtained from the individual(s) concerned.

Leeds Kitchen Fitter may disclose personal information collected to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, courts or external advisors where permitted or required by law.

Leeds Kitchen Fitter takes reasonable steps to ensure the security of personal information held by it from such risks as loss, unauthorised access, destruction, use and modification of data.

Leeds Kitchen Fitter only permits access to personal data by authorised personnel.

By registering interest in this website via the submit email tag, or requesting support, Leeds Kitchen Fitter may include contact information (email, fax etc) as part of a mailing list in order to market specials, bonuses or information to clients.

Clients may choose to unsubscribe from these lists by either replying or sending an email to info@leedskitchenfitter.co.uk