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Business Partner

What we offer

Business Partner

We are looking for a business partner for this web site. We build web sites and get them well placed on google, we then look for one business partner that is able to provide the services that the customer requires

What we offer

We put the web site on line and get it listed on the first pages with search engines like Google Yahoo and MSN. All of the contact request forms we receive we pass on to you. We can add your contact details on the web site ie. Telephone and address.

What we ask in return

We ask for a small payment for each successful paying customer you receive from this web site. Trust is an important part of any business, so we will pass them on to you and trust that you will pay us when the work has been carried out and paid for by the customer.

The Facts

More Information

For more information about becoming a Business partner contact Richard info@leedskitchenfitter.co.uk or Telephone 0121 2888 299